Operating principle of enzymatic agent "BIOSTYM"

"BIOSTYM" is the concentrated enzyme that contains the special additives in its composition, which allow using it on a many-sided basis, including for bio-destruction of household wastes and "processing" of compost mass into high efficient organic fertilizers. The effect of "BIOSTYM" enzyme is directed first of all to activation, including enzymic activity of microflora.

"BIOSTYM" is referred to the enzymes of oxygenase class, which carries out the oxidation of organic compounds by activated, molecular oxygen or oxygen of hyperoxides. According to physical characteristics for study group of enzymes it is known that they have the low surface strain and, as a consequence, high penetration power and thus oxygen supply.

The use of enzyme from oxygenase class assists to the intensive penetration of air oxygen into deeper layers of HSW at the polygon and extends the sphere of aerobic processes of organic substances decomposition, significantly accelerating these processes thereat. Besides, enzymes as catalysts of biological reactions provide with more complete degradation of organic substances.

"BIOSTYM" enzyme in operating concentrations does not influence on mechanical strength of hydraulic insulating material from polyethylene at polygons!

Thus, HSW treatment by "BIOSTYM" enzyme under industrial conditions of polygon allows accelerating and deepening the decomposition of organic substances that provides with the decrease in volume of rubbish, being stored, and improves the sanitary hygienic conditions of polygon.

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