Nowadays the problem of ecological hazard in the sphere of household solid wastes (HSW) treatment is very urgent all over the world. The systems, applied for their processing through removal to the sanitary landfills (polygons), composting and incineration, are not ecologically friendly and economically justified. In this connection, the application of advanced biotechnologies that use enzymatic agents, which assist to accelerated decomposition of organic part, and, accordingly, full decrease of sanitary epidemiological hazard for human, while processing HSW is of great practical interest.

BIOSTYM Firm is engaged in development and implementation of innovative ecological technologies into the world market. We use the newest achievements in the field of biotechnologies - enzymes from "Perma-Zyme" group that are referred to the class of oxygenases, i.e. they transfer molecular oxygen. They are the complex organic compounds, which are produced by fermentation using a number of species of bacterial and fungal forms of microorganisms. These products of wildlife have no features of phytotoxicity and are completely safe for human and environment.

The suggested innovative method of bioremediation is a complex solution for utilization of HSW landfills and is based on controlled acceleration of natural biodegradation processes within the whole volume of contamination, provides with the complete cleaning of territory, as well as guaranteed restoration of soil functions during one vegetation season.

The advantages of this technology include:

  • low capital costs for implementation of technology
  • high efficiency
  • controllability at all stages
  • short periods of implementation.

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