Effect of "BIOSTYM" agent on chemical and biological processes that take place in the body of landfill

The effect of "BIOSTYM" enzyme starts evident already in 24 hours after application. First of all, the absence or significant reduction of unpleasant smell immediately comes under notice! The temperature of substrate on the 2nd day is increased by 1 - 3 °C as a consequence from energetic microbiological processes under effect of "BIOSTYM".

The filtrate starts appearing already on the 3rd day while it happens only on the 5th day under usual conditions. As it can be seen from detailed chemical and biological analysis of samples (Table 1), the filtrate from the site, processed by "BIOSTYM", is more saturated by organic components. At the same time the content of phosphates, sulfates and chlorides under effect of enzyme has decreased that testifies to more intensive decomposition of organic component in HSW under effect of "BIOSTYM" at the stage of substrate ammonification.

Table 1. Indicators of chemical and bacterial contamination of the filtrate samples using "BIOSTYM" and without (control) on the landfill. (appendix nr1 at the bottom of the page).

 The effect of enzyme is especially clear seen on the microbial damage of substrate: the numerous macroscopic colonies of mold fungi and yeast appear on the surface of substrate in 56 hours. They are mainly the representatives of species: Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Penicillium, Trichoderma, Trichosporon, Saccharomyces, Rhodotorula. The start of structuring is observed namely since the moment when substrate is damaged by fungi, i.e. further it is transformed into homogenous/uniform humus mass. The intensive overgrowth of substrate with fungi continues during 1.0-1.5 weeks. Further this process becomes weaker.

At initial stages (7-10 days) the number of microorganisms quickly grows up to 10 bln. cells per 1 gram), their activity is increased by many times and, as a consequence, more energetic treatment of wastes polygon, especially its organic part, takes place. The volume and weight of HSW is decreased by two times on the 14th day!

Non-spore-forming bacteria play the main role in treatment of HSW substrate and the amount of bacilli and actinomyces is not large (Table 2).

Table 2. Dynamics of microbial growth in the processing of MSW million per 1 g (appendix nr2 at the bottom of the page).

HSW destruction process under effect of "BIOSTYM" enzyme runs much more intensively than in control. As a result, the loss of weight and volume of substrate occurs quicker in time (during 25 days) and more efficient by 1.9-2.5 times.

The characteristic features for processing of polygon is comparatively quick structuring of HSW (transformation into uniform/homogenous humus mass), reduction in volume and weight of substrate, disappearance of insects, rodents and birds from the territory of polygon, significant decrease of sharp unpleasant smell, separation of filtrate.


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