Economic efficiency in application of enzyme agent "BIOSTYM" at the polygon

The economic effect at use of enzyme is achieved due to:

  • Prolonging the useful life of existing HSW polygon by 1.5-2 times and corresponding profit from compensation by local authorities and private clients for HSW utilization
  • Decreasing the necessary amount of soil for creation of isolating layer and increasing the useful life of polygon
  • Possibility for significant decrease in the cost of land lot near polygon and its surrounding contaminated territory after bioremediation for its further use for other purposes (for example, construction)
  • Compensation for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (in terms of CO2)
  • Possibility to receive additional profit from assortment of HSW at the expense of secondary raw materials, being stored at polygons, which could not be removed before bioremediation (all HSW polygons are biologically hazardous facilities, which are not subject to development).

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