Conditions and methodology for application of "BIOSTYM". Equipment.


  1. The optimal range of operating temperatures, at which the bioconversion of HSW landfills is possible, is 15-25°C. This factor significantly influences on biodegradation process and enzyme operation!
  2. The complex that consists of reservoirs, purification reactor, filtration system and pumps is established at HSW polygons.
  3. The perforated pipes, so-called "injection wells" for supply of "BIOSTYM", are inserted into the body of landfill without excavation.
  4. At the same time the solutions, which are mixed with process water and are supplied into injection wells or sprinkled by pumps along the polygon, are prepared on the basis of enzymes.
  5. The coverage of BIOSTYM is up to 7 m! The wells are distributed so that their coverage is overlapped.
  6. The individual control is carried out for each well every day! The collection and analysis of sample results, as well as the selection of agent concentration in the coverage (~0,01 mg of "BIOSTYM" solution per 1 kg of HSW or 20 g of dry agent per 1 ton of HSW).
  7. The rubbish is assorted and processed after decontamination and destruction of organics.


The volume and, accordingly, the value of HSW sedimentation at the polygon is defined using the geodesic surveying of warehousing sites and determining the geodesic height of HSW surfaces. Excavator, scraper, tractor-trailer, bulldozer is used to pack and to stack wastes. Special drilling equipment is used to install "injection wells".

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