"BIOSTYM" enzyme significantly activates HSW decomposition process by natural way: the destruction period is reduced by 6-7 times, the processing depth is increased by 2 times. Thus, the period for "aggressive" contact of wastes with the environment is approximately by 6-10 times less in comparison with "natural" conditions for wastes decomposition at polygon.

Under effect of "BIOSTYM" enzyme the transformation process of HSW organic part into biologically stable condition, which is the main reason for ecological and sanitary hygienic hazard of these facilities that are the source for discharge of biogas and filtrate into natural environment and are the life environment for disease-inducing microorganisms, helminthes eggs, maggots. The content of helminthes eggs in the presence of enzyme at polygon is reduced by 2-3 times. Pathogenic bacteria at treatment of HSW and soil with enzyme were not found. Flies, insects, rodents completely disappear at the sites, processed with enzyme, on the 2nd-5th day, as well as birds settle less.

Preparation "BIOSTYM" completely safe for humans and the environment. All its ingredients are organic and easily decomposed.

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