Description od innovative technologies which solve many recycling problems.

Reuse your business waste to boost profits

Your business can gain a number of benefits from recovering and recycling waste. You can save money by using better waste management techniques and increasing recycling rates. For example, you can:

  • reduce your costs for managing and handling your waste
  • spend less on buying goods and materials
  • reduce the amount of landfill tax that you pay by reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill


You can often make these savings through little or no capital investment. They are not just one-off savings, but could save your business money year after year. Customers, employees and potential investors are becoming more aware of environmental responsibility and failure to take action could affect your business' reputation and profitability. You could attract new customers and win contracts by showing your business is environmentally responsible by:

  • using recycled materials in your products
  • recycling your own business waste
  • making your products and packaging easy for customers to recycle


"BIOSTYM" technology is especially useful for recycling of wastes in these following industries:

  • mushroom production plants
  • slaughter-houses
  • a chicken farms
  • an oil refineries
  • municipal sewage
  • fruit-growing (compost utilization as well as spraying plants for environmental protection)


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