Problems of household solid wastes landfills.

Household solid wastes (HSW) ? this is the ecological problem that causes to the greatest concern of the world community. The accumulation of HSW in modern city reaches to 300-450 kg per human per year and continues consistently increasing.

The wastes may contain most various toxic chemical substances (heavy metals, pesticides, surface-active materials, nitrogen containing compounds, etc.), as well as infectious material that is dangerous for population in sanitary epidemical relation (dysentery, paratyphoids, salmonellosis, helminthiasis, etc.). HSW polygons are subject to inflammation and are the sources for pollution of atmospheric air, soils, underground waters and water objects of large cities.

The ecological and sanitary hygienic consequences from disposal of rubbish appear not at once but in some years or even decades. The wrong disposal of wastes is first of all the problem of our descendants! Thus, the problem of timely and proper deactivation of HSW, their quickest decomposition at the polygon is extremely important.

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